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Trading & Distribution ERP Solution

Nelso Customized ERP Solution For Trading and Distribution Companies

Nelso Technology Private Limited offers a customized best-in-class ERP solutions to guide your trading and distribution business in the rtight direction. Our ERP solution is designed in such a way that it creates an efficient workflow and fast track your trading business across geographies. It does increase efficiency, offers value-added services, and enhances customer and vendor relations. This ERP package consists of integrated business applications with better decision making business intelligence tools. Nelso Trading & Distribution ERP software provides an end-to-end business solution that organizes, manages and controls every aspect of your trading and distribution business. Our (Web based) ERP solution promises you to connect all your offices, branches under a central system and is compatible to all devices, browsers and technologies.

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POS Solution

Nelso Customized POS ERP Solution

Nelso POS solution helps retailers to manage their businesses in an effective and efficient manner by providing consistent information flow. It helps in easy tracking of all business transactions. If you want to develop your retail business in accordance with the requirements of modern consuming society, it is recommended to optimize internal working process with the help of a specific ERP system. Nelso Retail ERP is an Integrated Retail Software Solution from Production to POS which will fulfill all your retail business requirements. This Retail solution guides you to manage distributors and inventory efficiently and optimizes channel sales. It helps you to perform intelligent purchasing and pricing to procedures covering receiving, inventory counts, and location tracking.

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Event Management ERP Solution

Nelso Customized Event Management ERP Solution

It's time to find a comprehensive solution of the problems related to the event management, which includes all large and small events and meetings. Nelso Event Management solution is specially designed to handle all the events in a systematic way to maximize the profit and handle the events more efficiently. This ERP module allows getting assurance about the goals of meeting/events and also takes care the attendance of all people. It will cut down the expense of event management and help the organization in various plans. Our Event Management ERP solution will help you to prevent data redundancy or duplication of work. This will also help you to grow working excellence. Nelso Event Management Software is an easy to use and complete integrated system to monitor the status of end to end business. We understand that every event management companies have unique needs when it comes to the design of their ERP software and we are flexiable enough to customize the solution to meet our customers all business requirements.

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School Management ERP Solution

Nelso School Management ERP Software

Nelso School Management Software is designed to ease administrive hassels and can be customized according to the unique requirements of the institution to manage admission formalities, academics data, staff managemnt and payroll activities . This ERP solution is integrated with our RFID system which will Keep parents and students connected through SMS/Mobile Apps and also automate the attendence system. Nelso School Managemnt ERP solution will help you to easily manage all the tasks like student/staff attendance, assessments, subject notes, class schedule, absenteeism, assignment grading,generating monthly report sheet and all other activities. It's a comprehensive school management software with user friendly dashboards, easy navigation and well structured reports.

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Pharma ERP Solution

Nelso Pharma ERP Software

Nelso Pharma ERP Retail-Billing-Distribution solution meets the needs of your growing Pharma business. It covers every business process and provides full support to distribution, retail, financial, and compliance needs. Nelso Pharma is our next generation GST Inventory and Accounting software which we have developed specifically for the pharmacy, medical shops, medical distributors, and traders. This ERP solution helps you to track the location of every medicine, along with its quantity and expiry date.

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Service & Repair ERP Solution

Nelso Service & Repair ERP Solution

It's important to provide immediate and effective support to customers who receive services or get the repair work done from your company. However maintaining the service and repair work data is not easy because there are not many ERP software available particularly for this industry. keeping this snenario in mind we have specially designed Nelso Service & Repair solution to fulfill the business requirements of the customers. Our Service & Repair ERP module allows you to create customer service contracts that specify both the financial and service agreement specifically to a customer’s need. Nelos service and repair ERP is enabled with flexible service order billing where organizations can specify labor, material and other charges which are billable This solution also provides the ability to specify service schedules, track completions and consumption of service schedules, manage customer billing and provide performance reports. Nelso Service & Repair ERP solution is a consistent, reliable infrastructure that extends from the back office to the front of the store.

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E-Commerce ERP

E-Commerce ERP Solution

Nelso E-Commerce ERP Solution

As we know the future of commerce is on the Internet and because of that need of the hour is to have an E-commerce ERP system. Nelso E-commerce solution is designed to fulfill that need which also helps you to stay ahead in the highly competative business environment. Our solution helps you to maintain real-time shopping cart and online product catalog and supports B2B, B2C, and Business-to-Employee business models-all on a single platform. Nelso E-Commerce ERP Solution is designed to utilize real-time inventory data to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. It is compatible with Web based promotions and dynamic pricing.

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Restaurant ERP Solution

Nelso Hotel & Restaurant ERP Solution

In order to run a restaurant efficiently you would require one ERP solution to perform food cost analysis, material management, deliver fast service and develop customers loyalty. Nelso ERP solution is designed to fulfill all those requirements. Nelso Restaurent ERP Solution gives you the option to generate Kitchen Order Tickets with table number, items and order quantity. This also has got the feature to maintain inventory levels and replenish stock along with similified GST enabled billing process. Our Restaurant ERP solution provides you the ability to manage waiting queue and table allocation in a systematic way and also to handle take away orders.. This can be integrated with your website to include, track and deliver online orders and orders received from third party gateway like Swiggy, Zomato etc.

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Jewelry ERP Solution

Nelso Jewelry ERP Solution

Nelso Jewelry ERP Software is a GST enabled application which helps you to run your jewelry business more efficiently. This application is compatible with Barcode & RFID billing and has got the feature to maintain inventory in a systamatic way. Using this ERP you can also send promotional or transactional SMS to your customers. Nelso Jewelary ERP is a simplified and powerful solution which supports jewelry retail, manufacturing and distribution process. This is an affordable, simple and effective solution which will meet your expectations and end your search for the ERP solution which you are looking for to fulfill your business requirement.

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Payroll & HRMS Solutions

Nelso Payroll & HRMS ERP Solution

Nelso payroll & HRMS software is a user friendly and efficient application which helps you to track and maintain employee histories, skills, abilities, salaries, and accomplishments. By using our HRMS software, you can significantly reduce the manual workload required to carry out these tasks. Nelso Payroll & HRMS solution is an end-to-end enterprise HRMS web based application which can manage the entire spectrum of HR functions. Our HRMS solution helps you to Increase the accuracy of data maintenance,Reduces the redundancy of data,simplifies employee on-boarding and stepping off process, This has got the simplified process to employees access to salary slips, payment history, hike letters, income tax calculations, investment declarations, Statutory Compliance (PF, ESI, IT (TDS) and others), Nelso Payroll & HRMS is an Integrated system which ensures that data is secure and in syncd with all business operations.

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