Sales Register

Sales register will help you to view and download a sales report. You can run this for a specific customer or for all customer accounts. Through this screen you can easily identify customers sales pattern. It will also give you a snap shot of your sales performance. This will help you to analyze your total sales along with discount, tax and S&H charges details.

SO ID : Please enter the sales invoice number if you want to view the details for any specific sales order.

Customer name : Please select customer name if you want to to view the sales details for any particular customer. ( Type *.* to select the customer record or type customer name)

Branch Name : Please enter the branch name if you want see the sales data for any specific branch. For all branches, select ALL. This field is not applicable for single branch company.

Date Range : Please select start and end date in date range field. After completing above selection please click on SUBMIT. You can control the total number of transaction to display on first page by selecting the number through “Show” drop down box. Example-50, 100 etc.

Data will display on this screen with following column headings :

SO ID : This column will display sales invoice number.

Invoice Date : Sales Invoice date.

Customer Name : Name of the customer will display here.

Branch Name : Name of the Branch/Location where sales invoice was processed.

Ext. price : Extended product price will display on this column. ( Unit price * Sold Qty )

Discount : If you have given any discount to your customer on this sales invoice. That amount will display here.

Tax : Tax amount which you have billed your customer on sales invoice.

S&H Charges : S&H Charges present in any sales invoice will appear here.

Total : Invoice Total will display on this column. (Ext. Price – Discount ) + Tax + S&H Charges.

AR Balance : Invoice unpaid balance will appear on this column. If invoice is fully paid then AR balance will display as Zero.

* Please Note :- Only Invoiced orders will display in Sales register report. Return and open orders will not be considered here.

If you want to copy, download or print the data from this screen, then please click on Copy/CSV/Excel/PDF or Print.


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