AP Ledger Summary

This screen is designed to display your transaction details with vendors. Purchase orders for which you have already made the payment and for which you have not made the payment yet. You will also have the option to select a date range ( start and end date ) to view all purchase orders, purchase returns and all vendor payments within that time frame. This will surely be useful for your business analysis.

Please enter the following details and click on SUBMIT.

Vendor Name : Please type the vendor name if you want to see the details for a single vendor. For ALL vendors keep this filed blank.

Branch : If you are a multi branch company please select a branch or select ALL to view the details for ALL branches. This filed is not applicable for single branch company.

Date Range : Please enter the start and end date in date range field.

Information will display with following column headings :

Date : This column will display transaction date.

Branch Name : Name of the branch.

ID-Vendor Name : Vendor name and ID will display here.

Ref. No. : Transaction ref. no will display on this screen. This can be PO ID, Return PO ID or Vendor payment receipt number.

Debit and Credit : As soon as you receive a PO, transaction amount will reflect in credit column on this screen. When you are paying the vendor or returning any PO to vendor, that transaction will reflect on credit column of this screen.

Balance : Balance amount between debit and credit column will display here.


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