Payable Aging Summary

This screen will display all the purchase orders for which you have not made the payment to your vendors yet. You can view the total amount which you owe to to your vendors in order to clear the dues against all received purchase orders. However main objective of this screen is to display payment pending days. Pending days will be calculated from the day when you received this purchase order. This report will help you to get the details for Accounts Payable Aging.

Please select following details and click on SUBMIT.

Vendor : Please type vendor name or enter *.* to select the vendor from list of all vendor records. If you want to see the details for all vendors, please keep this filed blank.

Branch Name : If you are a multi branch company and want to see branch wise details, please select the branch name. For all branches please select ALL. If you are a single branch company this field is not applicable for you, company name will reflect here by default.

Date Range : Please enter start and end date to select the date range.

PO ID : Purchase order number will display on this column.

Branch Name : Name of the branch where this PO was received.

ID-Vendor Name: Vendor name and ID will display here.

PO Received Date : Day when you received this purchase order from vendor.

PO Total : Total amount which you need to pay your vendor against this purchase order.

AP Balance : Amount which you currently owe to your vendor.

Aging : Payment pending days will reflect here.


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