Manage Customer

Manage customer screen is designed to edit and update customer records which you have created in create customer screen. If you need to change or update email, phone or any other details for customer records, please use manage customer screen. Apart from ‘customer name’ field. rest of the fields are editable.

Navigation : From main menu list, select ‘customer/vendor’ and then click on ‘manage customer’ to display this screen. This screen will display all the customer records which are currently available in the system and can be edited. As soon as you open manage customer screen, it will display available customer records with following details.

Please enter the customer name to search the customer record you are looking for.

How to edit a customer record : After identifying the customer account, please click on the edit icon, it will take you to the edit customer screen where you can update existing customer information.

Fields on edit customer screen are similar to ‘create customer’ screen (Please refer to create customer help doc for detail information on those fields.). Once you are done with the editing, please click on ‘Update’ to save your changes. On Edit Screen screen you will have one additional option ACTIVE –Y/N. If you do not want to sell material to any particular customer in future and also do not want this customer name to be appear while creating sales invoice, then please change active flag to N.


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