Trial Balance

Use Trial Balance report to display all the accounts with their balances. This will be used for following purpose.

You can check or audit your accuracy of postings by comparing whether the total debits equal to total credits and establishing a summary of balances in preparation for formal financial statements.

Select Branch : Please select the branch name if you want to run the Trial Balance for a single branch. For all branches select ALL. If you are a single branch company, you don’t have to select anything here, your company name will appear by default.

Date Range : Please select the date range. (Example- 2016-04-01 to 2017-03-31)

Please click on Submit.

All the G/L accounts will display here along with account number and either debit or credit posting.

Please review the total debits and total credits, both should be same. If they are not then you need to find the transaction or transactions which are causing this imbalance and you will have to fix them so that debit and credit side of your trail balance will match.


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