Open PO Summary

Open PO Summary Report is designed to produce all open purchase orders. Purchase orders which you have created to place a purchase request to vendor however you have not received the material yet or you have received the material but did not mark the PO as received. You can analyze those data on this screen.

Report Selection :

PO ID : Please enter the PO ID if you are looking for any specific purchase order which is in open status or keep this field blank.

Vendor Name : Please select the vendor name when you want to see all open purchase orders for a particular vendor. Keep this field blank to display the information for all vendors.

Branch Name : Please select the branch name if you are a multi branch company. This field is not applicable for single branch company.

Please Click on SUBMIT to run the report.

PO ID : Purchase order number.

PO Date : Purchase Order Creation Date.

Vendor Name : Whom you have placed purchase request.

Branch Name : Name of the branch.

Status : Status of the PO which will be open here.

Purchase Qty : Total quantity which you have ordered.

Order Value : PO total which you need to pay your vendor for this purchase order.

Days In Open Status : This column will display the total number of days it’s in open status. From the day it was created to today’s date. You can control the total number of transaction to display on the screen by selecting the number through “Show” drop down box.

If you want to copy, download or print the data from this screen, then please click on Copy/CSV/Excel/PDF/Print.


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