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Product Purchase Summary

This screen is designed to display product wise purchase details. It will also display the price line and purchased quantity. You will be able do the product purchase comparison from this screen. Please use following selections : PO ID : Please enter the PO ID if you want to display product purchase details for a […]

Create Purchase Order

We will be using this screen to create purchase orders whenever we buy something from our vendors. It’s important to keep a track of all our purchases in a systematic way. On this screen you can create a purchase order to send purchase request to vendors and then receive the purchase order in manage PO […]

Vendor Wise Purchase Summary

Vendor purchase summary screen will provide you the vendor purchase details. You can analyze the Purchase history for all your vendors with month and year wise comparison. You will have to use following selection to pull up the data : Vendor Name : Please enter the vendor name to view the details. Branch Name : Please […]


Once you enter your user name and password and click on Login, NelsoERP home page will be displayed. Before you proceed any further, you need to define your control settings first. Click on the drop down beside your user name ( top right hand corner of the home screen) and click on Settings. Once you click […]

G/L Enquiry

Use this screen to view each and every ledger transaction details for all the General Ledger Accounts. This screen will display transaction source and posting details. You will be using this screen very often while performing accounting activities. Ledger Name : Please enter the G/L account name on this field. Like : Sales, Purchase, COGS, Rent […]

Update Price List

You will be using this screen to edit and update the price lists which you have created in Create Price List screen. Also, this is the place where you can review your product pricing details. As soon as you open this screen, all the product price lists will appear here. Please use the following selections to display […]

Create Price List

Use this field to add pricing details on product records. It’s important to maintain accurate price list for each and every product. On this screen, you will be uploading purchase and sales price for all your products. Amount which your vendor charged you when you bought this material from them is your purchase price and while selling […]

Create UOM (Unit of Measure)

Please create unit of measures as per your business requirement. UOM can be each, box, kg, meter and many more. Once you create UOM on this screen, then these unit of measures will be available in create product and manage product screen to assign it to product records. Whenever you will create any sales or purchase […]

Create Product

Use create product screen to create all the products which you purchase and sell. For every product there has to be one unique product record. If you want to create product record individually then please use this screen else use “Bulk Product Creation” window to create multiple products through bulk upload functionality. Please enter following details […]